Individual Tax

Managing your taxes on your own can get quite confusing and exhausting. Free yourself of this trouble by booking your consultation with Sold BX for your tax planning and processing.

Sold BX comes up with effective strategic that help individuals and businesses to implement taxes in an innovative way. Our experts will help you to turn our advice into action by enabling you to find solutions to all kinds of financial issues.

Our experts will help you figure things out!

Tax advisors at Sold BX are trained to minimize the tax to be paid by the clients whilst still remaining compliant with the law. We’ll help chalk out a way for you in the most critical of financial situations.
Certified experts

Sold BX offers the services of its certified experts to their clients. Our experts possess immense knowledge of taxation that is complimented by their broad experience.


Members of our tax professionals are business lawyers with strong experience in proposing solutions that have been constructive in assisting businesses concerning their legal matters.

Our Tax Services

Individual Tax

Sold BX offers services to individuals in planning and processing their individual income tax


our accounting experts will help you with any of your needs including day-to-day bookkeeping, auditing, and tax services

Business Tax

businesses can also benefit from the taxation services offered by the business lawyers and experts at Sold BX


our business experts will help you get your business registered be it big or small

Web Design & Development

Improve the sales and leads of your business with our matchless web design and development services.

Sold BX enables its clients to take their business to the next level by benefiting from its expert web designers and developers. With our services, the journey to the success of your business becomes easier.

Our Web Design Services

Website Front-end Design

Website front-end design is crucial in conveying your website to the customers by its specific UX design. The front-end web developers at Sold BX will make sure that your website is user-friendly allowing the visitor to interact easily with the website.

Logo Design

Stand out from the rest with our creative logo designs. Get your log designed by the expert logo designers at Sold BX. our creative community of logo designers will take your business to new heights with their inspiring and 100% original ideas. Our logos will earn you the trust of your potential clients by telling them all about your business.

Website Development

We make use of a contemporary approach to web development starting from the basics of coding and moving to web design. This approach results in generating websites that are highly interactive and packed with various features. Our experts make sure that the final output is secure yet user-friendly.


Struggling with your website’s traffic and revenue? We at Sold BX will improves your website’s traffic by carrying out the SEO of your site. We will make sure that your website becomes more and more visible thereby converting visitors into customers.

Other Services

Credit Repairs

We will fix your credit and provide you with the ability to obtain a lifestyle that you've dream of.


You can trust our immigration consultants for all sorts of assistance pertaining to matters of immigration. Whether you are immigrating for work, study, travel, or business purposes, we’ll manage all your immigration problems

Real Estate

With our expert real estate agents, we help you make an informed decision about the buying and selling of properties. Our agents keep you updated about the market conditions for you to properly manage your property

Recording Studio

Amongst our many other services is the recording studio that we offer to individuals who intend to take their music to the next level. Benefit yourself with the multitude of services provided by Sold BX prepared to meet all your expectations